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Getting past that tricky Phone-Interview filter

Most employers and recruiters use a phone interview to filter out unsuitable candidates for positions they are trying to fill. Getting past this Phone-Interview filter is a difficult task and many job-seekers fall at this first hurdle. This short video … Continue reading

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Social Media 4 Job-seekers 101 The Real You v’s The Blue You: You don’t have to be squeaky clean, but it certainly helps your chances of landing a job, succeeding at interview, or selling yourself, your company or product if … Continue reading

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Brain-freeze! Deer-in-the-Headlight! ICanWork4U does ‘Interview Tips’

Stage-fright is a recognised syndrome. Some people break out in spots, rashes, cold-sweats, hot-flushes, itchy palms, dry-mouth, shortness of breath, dizzyness…no it’s not a heart-attack, it’s just stage-fright…yes, but all that personal drama, coupled with the stress of trying to … Continue reading

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The devil wore Prada

They say the devil is in the details, and indeed that is true, especially when reading through government statistics on unemployment in Ireland in 2013. I have been looking at a recently published CSO document on Ireland’s Labour Force statistics. … Continue reading

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ICanWork4U Reviews 5 Steps to ensure you get an Interview

Employers and recruitment agencies look through hundreds of resumes a day. In most cases, employers would like to interview candidates to make sure they get the best person for the job. However, there may be various rounds before a face … Continue reading

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ICanWork4u Brings you the Top 10 Interview Tips of 2012

When you have secured an interview, the work is far from over. In this climate, there might be one position and 100 applicants in the interview stage. In most cases, you all have similar backgrounds and education levels so you … Continue reading

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