Twenty-Five New Jobs on ICanWork4U and Mayors4Jobs

In the past 24 hours over 25 new jobs have been posted to from a variety of employers, seeking a wide range of skills, from Scaffolder to Sous Chef, Sales Person to Kitchen Installer, Hospital Cleaner to Home Help and Waitress to Website Development Instructor. It is gratifying to see so many positions advertised, and heartening to see that Irish Employers are finally realising how handy and easy to use, not to mind FREE, that the Job Placement link on ICanWork4U is to use. Simply click on the Express Job Link button on the bottom of the home page and you will be taken to a simple form which we reckon takes less than 45 seconds to complete. Press Submit and hey presto, your job listing is already being processed. If you prefer you can Register, it takes about 3 minutes all told at

Either way, with over 1,000 people already registered on the site seeking work, doesn’t it make sense to place your Free ‘Help Wanted’ advert here and recruit locally. So many folks out there are unemployed, out of work, laid-off or simply between careers. they have valuable skills and can contribute positively to your company or team. Go on, give it a go. Let the job-seekers and unemployed folks on know you are looking for help and who knows, the perfect employee or contractor may be just a click away.

On the other hand, if you know someone who is seeking work, please tell them to register on the site and get themselves in with a fighting chance of landing a new job. Click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the home page of and you will be taken to the link for entering your personal details at

and again it takes less than a minute to register and it is also FREE! Doesn’t get much better that that eh!

Oh, and if you are speaking to any friends or family around Ireland tell them to register with us…oh, and I nearly forgot, if they know their local Mayor, y’know the guy or gal with the gold chain who represents your city or town or even county and who is at every event locally, tell them to sugest that their Mayor should look at  our new sister-website .

The first Mayor who was interested in promoting the avilability of skilled and available workers in her area was the Mayor of Galway, Cclr Terry O’Flaherty. We approached her and she immediately got on board our Mayors4Jobs local employment initiative.

See her personalised web-page and video where she promotes the businesses and workforce of Galway city to prospective investors, business owners and interested folks generally. Go to to see what a fine job she has done promoting Galway and the workforce that lives here.

ICanWork4U and Mayors4Jobs, two great ideas to help get Ireland back on its feet.

About ICanWork4U allows employers and job seekers as well as service providers to register free and promote themselves on the ICanWork4U map. was started by Tom O’Connor, of O’Connors Famous Pub in Salthill, Galway in Ireland after he found it increasingly frustrating looking for qualified job seekers close to his business for positions that needed urgent filling. Seeing a gap in the market, Tom created to bring together service seekers and service providers. Register Now at for FREE!
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