CV Tips-Look in the Mirror Mirror




Would your recognize yourself in your own Resume or CV? Trust me, many of us would not. The ‘alter ego’ that is the person described in your resume very often bears little or no resemblance to the ‘Real You’…the one you see in the mirror every morning.

Go on, Try it! Take the challenge. Get out a copy of your resume and see if it matches the real and actual ‘You’. Chances are, in a great many ways, or even in little facets, your CV’s description of you and the real you,  differ greatly.

If there are real differences, then perhaps you should address some of those issues now and change them, for better or less. I find it a great help to sit with someone I know or trust and let them read my resume, out loud, and comment, or guffaw! (Be sure you have left your pride outside the door, this can be a little hurtful and hard to swallow). It is however, the very best preparation for an interview or a meeting.

I can guarantee you will change several sentences and statements after a five-minute chat with your friend.

Now, take this exercise a little further. Try to compare the ‘CV You’, to the ‘Online You’! Do you describe yourself differently on social media, than you do in person or on your Resume or CV? Do you use cheeky clichés to describe your achievements, or over-the-top superlatives for your adjectives? I’ll bet you do

For a start, go look at how you appear on Linkedin. Linkedin is the most used ‘Peoples’ profile’ search engine in the western world. Your profile and activities on Linkedin are seen as your ‘business face’ Your Linkedin Profile should closely match your paper CV. If it does not, do not ignore it. Print it out and compare and then, that’s not a bad place to start fixing things.  I would spend a lot of time on my Linkedin profile, getting it tight and right. It is so important.

For instance if your previous employer is mentioned on Linkedin but not on your CV, you’d best rectify that. Likewise if your skills are listed on your CV and your profile on Linkedin says different, you ought to fix that.

Now go to Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, and your Blog servive, whether Blogspot or WordPress. Carry out a similar review exercise here. I hear you say that those are personal and social websites, that they have nothing to do with looking for a job? None of those sites are part of, or mentioned on your Resume or CV. Well yes and no. Any employer that wishes can browse your profile on any social media site, and they probably will if they are thinking of interviewing or employing you.

Aside from the obvious content no-no’s such as photos of embarrassing nights out, or outrageous statements railing against someone or something (which you should at least ‘Hide’ if not outright remove) there are some easy fixes to your online profile. Start by deleting or hiding the obvious embarrassing stuff. Then have a look at what you say. Do you write things about yourself, saying that you have done or seen or helped out on certain activities, when in fact that is complete fiction? Probably.

Finally, each of these social media websites also has a public profile statement that you possibly filled out some years ago and have now forgotten. Go back and review your profile page on these sites and edit it where necessary. If you filled them in 2 or 3 years ago, at work, or perhaps late at night at home, chances are that they could do with a little editing now, in the cold light of day, with a prospective employer’s perspective in mind.

Your Resume / CV and your Public Profiles on Business and Social Media websites is the ‘Public You’ whether you like it or not. Far better for your job prospects if you can like your public profile and are comfortable that it somewhat matches the ‘Actual You’.

Finally, if your have not already done so, please do register your skills and job requirements on  It is free and simple and it can help you get back to work.

About ICanWork4U allows employers and job seekers as well as service providers to register free and promote themselves on the ICanWork4U map. was started by Tom O’Connor, of O’Connors Famous Pub in Salthill, Galway in Ireland after he found it increasingly frustrating looking for qualified job seekers close to his business for positions that needed urgent filling. Seeing a gap in the market, Tom created to bring together service seekers and service providers. Register Now at for FREE!
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